Why We’ll Never Ask You to Sign a 23-Page Contract

A friend forwarded to me a one-year, binding contract that another technology company wanted him to sign. 


The agreement was 23 pages. 


23 pages! 


Full of legalese, fine print, and a bunch of sales propaganda. 


My friend didn’t sign it. He took his business elsewhere. 


The idea of writing a 23-page contract — or, worse yet, paying lawyers to write one — makes me cringe. 


The idea of sending a 23-page contract to a prospect makes me cringe even more. 


Why would I want to go through that? Why would I want to put prospects through that?


At STR, our agreement is two pages long. 


Notice I called it an agreement. It’s not a contract. We don’t do contracts. Our agreements with clients run month-to-month. If you want out, you can walk away. 


Some business advisors suggest locking clients into long-term contracts to maximize revenue and keep them “locked in.” 


We’re not into that. We’re into earning our clients’ trust. We’re here to provide IT services, not make complex legal documents that keep the law firms busy. 


We believe in what we do. We don’t need a 23-page document to cover our rear and to lock clients in.  


If a client wants to walk away, we won’t stop them. 


And here’s the thing: Our clients don’t leave us…


…because we treat them with respect (yes, a two-page agreement vs. a 23-page contract is a sign of respect)…


…and we deliver as promised.


I share this now not just to toot our horn (although we are proud of how we work with our clients.) I share this as business advice for you: If you want to build mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with clients, treat them with respect and demonstrate trust. 


For us, that starts with a two-page, cancel-any-time agreement — not a 23-page contract.


Schedule a free consultation today, and let us show why our simple cancel-any-time agreements are just one of the reasons you’ll love STR.