Your Business Needs a Proactive Technology Planner, Not Merely a Repair Person

We recently evaluated technology needs for a company that was replacing its longtime IT repairman who was retiring.


He had been “servicing” the company’s technology for more than 20 years. For him, service meant showing up when something broke, fixing it if possible, replacing it if not. 


For the company, that meant an endless break-fix rollercoaster. Months might pass without anything breaking. Then the hammer would drop. 


The owner couldn’t stand the unpredictability. Everything would be rolling along beautifully and then — BOOM! — he’d get stuck with a massive bill to pay for unplanned tech fixes and upgrades. 


When we evaluated the technology, we wondered how the business survived. We looked at all of the aging equipment and told the owner: It’s not a question of IF this will break, it’s just a question of WHEN. 


We implemented a long-term plan to replace aging technology gradually. 


This would allow the company to upgrade before hardware conked out. 


It gave the owner budget predictability he craved. 


Does your business have a proactive technology planner or a reactive technology repair person? 


If you don’t have a planner, that repair person will be busy reacting to all the breakdowns and outages…


…that you could have predicted and prevented if someone was proactively paying attention. 


If you don’t have a planner, you cede control of your tech budget to fate, and you board the financial rollercoaster. 


When we first discussed our flat-fee managed services with the business owner, he questioned the price. It’s higher than the monthly retainer he paid the retiring repairman. 


But there were hidden costs in that “lower” monthly retainer. It’s more costly to replace equipment during a crisis than to upgrade technology as part of a gradual plan. 


In a crisis, you divert attention from other critical business activities. This hurts productivity. 


Unplanned outages may affect clients which, in turn, could damage your brand and reduce future sales. 


Reacting to technology breakdowns often results in a jumbled mess of quick-fixes and patches that aren’t part of any strategic plan. The result: You simply add new cards to your technology house of cards, rather than proactively building a solid structure. 


You may save a few bucks on your monthly retainer, but…


Headaches mount. Hidden costs accumulate. 


If you’d like to discover how proactive technology planning can help your business, schedule a complimentary consultation with us.