Why We Keep Our Pricing Model Simple

I went shopping for light bulbs recently, and it made my head spin.

I went to one of those big box stores where the bulbs are stacked on shelves that stretch from one end of the warehouse to another.

They had had LED bulbs, tube bulbs, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, smart bulbs, and dumb bulbs.

They had some bulbs that display 16 million colors and others that display just one. They had eco-friendly “green” bulbs and holiday friendly red-and-green bulbs.

I had no idea where to begin. And when I tried to flag down someone who could help me…

…well, you can guess how that turned out.

Shopping for IT Support Does NOT Have to Be So Complicated

I can’t stand a complicated shopping process.

Maybe that’s why I’ve created a simple pricing and service model for my business.

We offer one program to all clients, large or small, with the same pricing model. It’s not a fit for every business. But if you ask us about our service, you won’t be blinded by a million different light bulbs.

Sometimes I wonder if our simple approach is a good idea — especially when I look at other firms that offer different pricing models with tons of tiers and options. Sometimes I wonder if we could make more money if we developed some fancy, multi-tier price structure.

Our Clients Value Simplicity. Do You?

But then I talk to my customers and prospects who tell me they crave simplicity and predictability. They like STR because we give them that.

I met with a prospect the other day. He was shopping for a new managed service provider (MSP) because his current one was moving from simple to complicated.

They used to offer a simple pricing model. But they were now offering something new. Three tiers. Different options to choose from within each tier.

The tier descriptions were loaded with lingo. And as he tried to translate all that lingo, he couldn’t tell whether he was going to get more service or less than he already had.

Sorting Through Too Many Options Is a Confusing Pain

He couldn’t decide whether he needed the top tier or the middle tier or the bottom tier. And that was before he considered the various add-ons they were offering.

I told him, “I feel your pain.”

And here’s the thing that’s really reinforced the power of simplicity for me: The prospect was relatively happy with his MSP — until things got so darned complicated.

He told me, “I’m relatively happy with these guys. Not overly excited. Satisfied. But now, with them changing their pricing model, it just seems like a good time to look at other options.”


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