When a Tech Disaster Hits, Will You be Ready?

True story…

A business was backing up all of its critical data to drives every night.

Then the server that housed all that data croaked.

The company’s hapless IT guy said, “No problem. We’ll install a new server and restore all our data from the backup.”

Good idea, except the restoration didn’t work.

The IT guy ran the backups like clockwork, but he NEVER tested the backup files. He never practiced the data restoration

So “no problem” became “HUGE problem.”

What a disaster!

The company lost critical data.

The IT guy lost his job.

I know that story because we’re the company’s new managed services firm. They hired us to clean up the wreckage…

…and to prevent future messes.

The first thing we did: Implement a disaster recovery plan with reliable backup systems to make their data safe, secure, redundant, and recoverable.

Tornadoes, fires, and floods can wipe out your servers in a blink. So can power surges, hackers, mechanical failures and other “unnatural disasters.”

Businesses recover from such disasters if they’re prepared.

The real disaster is if they’re NOT prepared.

Here in the midwest, we have tornado drills. The government runs the warning sirens on the first Monday every month. Children learn where to take shelter if a storm hits while they’re at school. Newscasters remind us what to do if severe storms strike our neighborhoods. We buy insurance to cover ourselves in case the storm hits.

We do the same thing with clients. We customize and execute multi-step disaster recovery plans.

We run drills regularly to test backups, practice data restoration, and ensure we’ll be ready if the storm hits.

Have you properly backed up your company’s data? Will you be ready and able to restore data when it’s crunch time? Are you sure?

Do you have a plan in case of emergency to avoid a real disaster?

I ask because…

…Eventually a disaster WILL happen. You just don’t know when.

And I know this from seeing our client go through it…

You will not enjoy making that hefty, didn’t-see-it-coming expenditure to salvage the wreckage following a HUGE disaster.

If you give us a call, we can tell you what it takes to write the plan, backup the servers, practice recoveries, and execute for real when you need us.

Contact us today to schedule a free IT evaluation of your business.

This evaluation won’t take long and is guaranteed to give you a better understanding of your current IT environment.