The STR Difference

You rely on technology to keep your business running now more than ever. Isn’t it time you gave technology the proper credit for the role it plays in your business? Do you want an IT department that is merely a drain on your resources, or do you want one that is constantly looking for ways to drive your business forward? We’ll help you drive your business forward and we’ll do it with a strong commitment to exceptional customer service. We do things a little differently at STR Technologies, and we think that’s a good thing.

Fixed IT Pricing
Do you ever feel like your IT Consultant is just waiting around for something to go terribly wrong so they can bill you for expensive repairs? At STR Technologies we work hard to remove the uncertainty from your IT budget. If you have a problem that needs immediate assistance, we lose money, not you. Structuring our business in this way ensures that we have a strong incentive to be proactive and keep your company operational at all times.
Free Initial Assessment
At STR Technologies we understand that each company has unique challenges and opportunities for managing their technology. That is why we start every relationship with a free evaluation. We want to take the time to understand your business and the processes that drive it. Most importantly, we want to talk with you and your employees to find out what is truly important in your day to day operations. Once we have completed our initial assessment we will meet with you to discuss the ways that technology can be leveraged to drive your business forward.
Custom Solutions
The world of IT is very complex. There are usually at least 5 ways to accomplish the same goal, and determining which solution is best for your company can be tricky. Some of our competitors use a blanket approach to technology in order to keep their business simple, but at STR Technologies we take the opposite approach. We realize that a great solution for company A may not work for company B. That’s why our technicians are trained to study the problem first, before selecting the appropriate solution.
Exceptional Customer Service
At STR Technologies customer service is our number one concern. We understand that a good technician does more than just solve problems and that’s why everyone at STR Technologies is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Give us a call, we promise you’ll see the STR difference.