The Importance of Security Awareness Training

A few years ago, a computer virus crippled the Newark Police Department.

It crashed their network, and they couldn’t use computers to fight crime…

…for FOUR Days.

Imagine if that happened to your business.

How much downtime could you survive?

Could you survive the outage?

How much critical work would stall?

How long until customer trust and satisfaction plummeted?

Would you be able to recover?

You may think I’m exaggerating. You may think you’re immune.

But even tech giants like Twitter have gotten burned.

If the big dogs can’t protect their networks, how will you protect yours?

How Attackers Get In and How Training Keeps Them Out

95% of cybersecurity breaches begin with human error…

…an employee who does something careless or downright stupid.

The good news: You can prevent this.

You can protect yourself from most attacks…

…if you train employees to be more security aware.

With affordable Security Awareness Training, you can efficiently educate employees so they help keep attackers at bay.

Without training, employees click on that unknown link sent by a hacker. When the employee clicks, the hacker gains access to the computer and the office network.

With proper training, employees recognize suspicious links. And they learn systems to manage their inbox to make such phishing attacks less likely.

Without training, employees manage passwords carelessly and make it easier for hackers to steal the keys to the kingdom.

With proper training, employees learn common-sense password-management practices so it’s far less likely for hackers to break in.

Without training, employees leave their USB drive — with company data and passwords — behind at the coffee shop. Or they connect to an unsecure public wi-fi network without adequate protections.

With proper training, employees won’t make those mistakes.

Small Investment, Big Rewards

Hackers who sniff around the internet for their next victim can quickly tell whether a business is vulnerable or well-protected.

When you implement security awareness training, you create a virtual bulldog, barking at the front door, scaring virtual burglars away before they break in.

The hackers will slither away and target someone more vulnerable.

Even a small investment in security awareness training will reduce your odds of being hacked.

The Key to Security Awareness Training: Consistent Reminders

Don’t assume that training is a one-and-done exercise. Common sense and research show that simple lectures and security notices, while helpful, are not enough.

Employees forget. They get lazy. The lectures and notices fade from memory.

And then the risk level elevates again…

So you should offer ongoing training.

The STR Approach: Simple, Fun, Effective Training

STR offers Security Awareness Training on an ongoing basis as part of its services.

With our training program, your employees will receive fake phishing emails designed to trick them into clicking and providing personal information.

A week after they receive the email, employees receive a short video that shows them how to avoid the trap.

At the end of each month, you receive a detailed report revealing which employees opened, clicked, provided information, and watched the video.

We repeat this process monthly so employees develop the right habits and stay security-aware.

This is just one aspect of our Security Awareness Training — a cost-efficient, effective method to keep your network secure and your customers happy.

If you’d like to learn more to get ahead of the hackers and competition, contact STR at and schedule a free consultation.