Technology Options for the Post-Pandemic Workforce

One of our clients recently decided not to reopen its office which has been closed since the pandemic began. 


Instead, the company will allow employees to work from home. 


They’re not alone. Many businesses are radically changing how and where employees work.


With those changes, businesses face new questions and challenges regarding their technology.  


Even if your employees have returned to the office and plan to stay there, you face new challenges in this post-pandemic world. 


What happens if there’s a new surge and offices close again? Are you prepared? 


What happens if you decide to allow employees to work from home more frequently? Do you have the systems in place to support that? 


Here are a few things to consider as you weigh workplace options. 


Choosing the Right Hardware 


When your employees have their own office or cubicle, desktop computers are great, affordable option. 


With laptops, you pay more for portability. Why pay that premium when employees aren’t lugging the computer between the office and their home? 


Now that more employees work from home (occasionally or always), laptops may be the better choice. 


Moving Your Email


If you manage your own email servers, you should consider a cloud (online subscription) service such as Office365. 


We recommended this to most clients before the pandemic. Cloud-based email services are reliable, easier to manage, and secure. 


With a more distributed workforce, consider the cloud for your email and more…


Time to Move System Software to the Cloud? 


Many of our clients host software on their own servers to manage accounting, inventory, and other business functions. 


As with email, we’ve encouraged clients to consider cloud options for their systems software. In many cases, software vendors offer comparable cloud solutions and can help you port your data from your local server to the cloud. 


If your vendor doesn’t offer a cloud solution and you don’t want to maintain local servers, you have two options: 


  • You can pay for a service that will manage an internet-connected server, dedicated solely to hosting your software. It’s the same software you ran on servers in your office. You’ve simply connected to the server via a secure internet connection. Such services can be expensive and a hassle to manage. That’s why you might consider the other option…
  • Change software. We realize this might be a big step. But many businesses switch system software as they evolve. Now, with shifting workplace needs, it may be time to consider such a switch. 


When you work with STR, you get a Dedicated Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who can help you explore the options. 


We meet with you quarterly, review your current situation, and discuss with you ongoing technology needs. 


If you’re wondering how to manage the shift from the pre-pandemic to the post-pandemic workplace, we can help. Schedule a complimentary consultation so we can explore options together.