My Computer is Slow as Sloth. What Can I Do About It?

I have a friend who has a lot of aches, pains, and medical fears. Every time anything is wrong, he goes to the internet, enters his symptoms in the search engine, and then goes down the rabbit holes.

He gets 15 different explanations about what might be wrong — each one more dire than the next. Rarely does he land on the correct answer. Rarely does he discover a way to feel better.

This reminds me of many business people who try to self-diagnose issues with their computer.

Maybe files are taking more time than usual to load. Maybe boot-up times are longer than expected. Maybe you clicked an unknown link and fear you now have a virus lurking inside, ready to wreak havoc.

So you hit the search engines and try to self-diagnose. That’s a bad idea. That leads you where you don’t want to go.

If You Want to Fix a Slow Computer, Ask an Expert

If you rely on search engines to help you diagnose a computer problem, you’ll stumble across countless answers. One may be right. The rest are likely wrong.

You’ll waste countless hours chasing bad advice. And you risk damaging your computer more if you implement the wrong solution.

Avoid Automated Fix-It Programs

Whatever you do, don’t install one of those “clean sweep” or “fix-it” programs on your computer — especially the free ones.

They promise to clear all the gunk from the works, but they often cause more problems than they solve. Some install malware on your computers. Some sweep away critical code that your computer needs to function properly.

Why You Should Call an Expert to Diagnose and Treat Computer Issues

Technology experts are trained to diagnose issues and prescribe the best solutions — such as how to fix a slow computer.

They run through a complete list of diagnostic questions. This means you don’t waste time chasing phantoms that are not the culprit. And you more quickly get to the real problem.

Once the problem is properly diagnosed, an expert will know how best to fix the issues without breaking something else on your computer.

STR Gives You Experts on Call to Solve Your Computer and Network Problems AND Prevent Problems Before They Arise

All of this “call an expert” advice sounds great — until you call the expert and have to wait and wait and wait and wait for a response. That’s super frustrating, and unfortunately, it’s all too common.

At STR, we understand how frustrating it is when tech “support” isn’t responding to you when you need them. That’s why our Help Desk Service will answer when you call and assist you right away.

Want to know how to fix a slow computer? We’re on it.

Having trouble installing or removing some software. We can help.

Worried about that link you just clicked. Call us, and we’ll take a look.

That’s so much better than self-diagnosis and falling down the rabbit hole. And it’s way better than calling and waiting.

And STR’s all-in-one managed services program includes remote monitoring and management to proactively track your computers, servers and routers. That means we catch problems BEFORE they occur. We believe it’s much more efficient and much less expensive to prevent problems, rather than diagnose and fix them.

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