Keeping Your IT Staff Trained Will Keep Cracks Out of Your System — And Possibly Your Walls

A friend was telling me a story recently, about a business owner he knew…

 She was at her wits end after her one-and-only network administrator hit a wall…


 The guy was frustrated because he couldn’t fix a problem that had slowed the network to a crawl.

 After failing to get anywhere for hours, he screamed in frustration and punched the wall.

 So now the company had a broken network. And the guy who was supposed to fix it was out with a broken hand.

 The business owner was left scrambling to find outside help – praying it wouldn’t break the bank.

Well-Trained Technicians Solve Problems Quickly

 Even the most frustrating problems can be solved quickly.

 And the problems, aren’t even too difficult to solve.

 They’re not too difficult, because good technicians continuously train to keep pace with evolving technology.

 They can diagnose the problem because they learn to recognize it.

Don’t Let Evolving Technology Leave Your Technicians in the Dust

 Technology evolves faster than ever.

 Technicians need to keep pace.

 If they don’t pursue continuous education, problems will arise, and they won’t know how to fix them.

 For businesses that don’t invest in continuous tech education, it’s not a question of “if” unsolvable problems will arise. It’s a question of when.

 Still, so many companies don’t invest.

There is No Good Excuse for Under-Trained Technicians

 When we ask business leaders if their techs pursue continuous education, we hear all sorts of deflections and excuses.

 “We encourage it, but the techs don’t do it,” one boss told me.

 Others tell me their technicians are too busy.

 Another pleaded poverty. “I don’t have the budget to send them to training and courses.”

 I responded, “Do you have the budget to offset the productivity and revenue losses that occur when your network goes down and your team can’t fix it?”

Businesses Have Two Options to Keep Pace With Evolving Technology

 Business owners, you can no longer afford to sit on your hands as technology evolves and your technicians don’t.

 Gone are the days of hiring technicians who hang around for years without upping their game.

 You have two options:

  1. Build into your budget continuing education for your internal IT staff. This isn’t optional. You don’t encourage training and then let them decide. You mandate it. You work with your team to develop a plan. You invest in knowledge.
  2. You work with an IT firm that has a team of technicians with the latest certifications and most up-to-date knowledge.

At STR, we invest in hiring well-trained technicians and keeping them well trained because our clients need that when their technicians hit the wall. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  We can de-escalate your stress and give you an evaluation of your business that will keep you in line with the times.