How to Implement a Successful Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Training Photo

It’s only been six months since a group of hackers breached Colonial Pipeline’s network and held it hostage.

This crippled the energy supply for most of the East Coast until Colonial paid millions of dollars.

Hackers also have breached LinkedIn and T-Mobile’s networks. Many other massive companies have been burned.

But the attacks aren’t limited to only the big players.

Small businesses are most at risk.

Imagine if hackers breached your network and held your data hostage.

How much would the recovery cost you — even if you didn’t have to pay the ransom? Would employees still get the job done? Would clients stick with you?

You can’t afford to find out the hard way. You have to avoid this disaster.

Here’s how: Implement a security awareness program.

We’ve seen too many businesses that think “security awareness” means an occasional reminder email or once-a-year training video. But that’s not enough.

To implement a SUCCESSFUL security awareness program, you need to do more.

The First Key to Implement a Successful Security Awareness Program

Be proactive. Constantly update security notices and training. Stay ahead of problems, rather than react to them.

Regularly update computers and anti-virus software.

Show your employees that security matters, and everyone on the team must pay attention.

The Second Key: Multi-Factor Authentication

Make it harder for hackers by using multi-factor authentication.

It forces an employee to type in a code on another device after they first log into your network or email system.

It’s a quick step that makes them prove that they are who they say they are.

The Third Key: Identify and Fix Weak Links

The most common type of hack is called a “phishing attack.” The hacker sends a fake email to an employee with a link inside.

The email acts as bait, the link as the hook, and your employee becomes the fish when they click it and let the hacker inside your network.

Train your employees to recognize suspicious emails so that they won’t bite.

Security awareness training confronts employees with fake phishing attacks so they learn how to spot them.

Not once or twice, but on a constant and random schedule to keep them on their toes.

Don’t Be Colonial Pipeline

One employee’s lapse in judgment can bring down your business.

At STR, we provide each of the services mentioned above: updating computer systems, adopting multi-factor authentication, and implementing a successful security awareness program, all for one monthly cost.

That way, our clients can focus on their business while we focus on keeping it safe.

If you’d like to learn more to get ahead of the hackers, contact STR at and schedule a free consultation.