What to Look For in an IT Company

A friend of mine told me a sad story I’ve heard many times before. Their last employer kept using an IT company to fix their problems, even though nothing stayed fixed for very long. Something would break. This company would fix it. And after a while, something would break again. Sometimes it was the thing…

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How to Implement a Successful Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Training Photo

It’s only been six months since a group of hackers breached Colonial Pipeline’s network and held it hostage. This crippled the energy supply for most of the East Coast until Colonial paid millions of dollars. Hackers also have breached LinkedIn and T-Mobile’s networks. Many other massive companies have been burned. But the attacks aren’t limited…

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How to Recover from a Ransomware Attack

How to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

I have a friend whose business suffered a ransomware attack.  Instead of rewarding the crooks with a big pay day, he told them to shove it.  No ransom paid. No long-term damage done.  How did he recover from a ransomware attack, bruised but not bloodied?  I’ll tell you how.  (Pay attention if you prefer not…

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Why Technical Documentation is Critical for Your Business

A business owner came to me recently in a panic.  Her top tech guy quit on short notice, and her network was down.  She needed help, and she needed it fast.   When we stepped in to help, we discovered: None of the networks were mapped.  None of the processes were documented.  ALL of the knowledge…

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Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT Firm

A Checklist to Help You Choose the Right IT Firm

All tech firms are NOT created equal.  So when you’re shopping for a firm to manage desktop support, keep your network running 24/7, protect your data from hackers and thieves, and help you plan and budget for technology upgrades… …you have to be prepared.  Here are a few questions to ask when vetting prospective Managed…

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The True Cost of a Break-Fix Agreement

I know a business owner whose email server broke down and ground operations to a halt. His IT vendor sent a young associate to fix the server, and the kid didn’t have a clue. The so-called technician was on the phone half the day, speaking to some other expert who directed the process. The “fix”…

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When a Tech Disaster Hits, Will You be Ready?

True story… A business was backing up all of its critical data to drives every night. Then the server that housed all that data croaked. The company’s hapless IT guy said, “No problem. We’ll install a new server and restore all our data from the backup.” Good idea, except the restoration didn’t work. The IT…

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